A Kingdom for Keflings on Xbox Live Arcade (and on-sale thru Jan.10)

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This is a really clever game that has captured my family’s heart.  In fact, I think that it is the only game that I have ever purchased twice.  We have two Xbox 360’s and it allows my kids and I to collaborate.  Kingdom for Keflings was one of the first Xbox Live games to use your personal Avatar in the game in a meaningful way.  Before, there were games that showed your picture, but in KK your avatar is a giant among the little Kefling people (literally). 

I must admit that when I first looked at it, it appeared to be a novelty.  So, I sat down to try it and later realized that three-hours had blissfully gone by.

In this game, you (your avatar) are going to build a town with the help of the native Keflings.  There are lots of raw materials around in the form of never ending forests and rocks and gems and sheep.

From forests come wooden logs

From hills come rock

And with those combinations and a set of blue prints, you can build your first buildings.  Simply go to the local construction office and select the pieces that you want.  It tells you the required number of raw materials and then builds the item for you.  Lay the components out in a very easy footprint that the blueprint shows you on screen and can be done by my 5 year old – and it is a building.

But wait, there is more.

As you build each building, the blueprints for different and more complex buildings become available.  Including the blueprints to build buildings that are workshops that make better pieces and make cooler buildings.

From logs come wood sheets

From rocks come slate

From sheep come wool

More buildings and more blue prints.  And as things grow, more Keflings will come into your town to help work the resources and the shops.

From wood sheets comes fine wooden objects

From rock slate comes bricks

From wool comes linen

From crystals comes gems

More buildings and more blue prints.  And as things grow, your Avatar becomes stronger and faster.

First you build a village

Your village becomes a town

Your town becomes a keep

Your keep becomes a castle

You and yours will spend more time than you can imagine happily constructing “just one more building”.

But wait, there is more.

Keflings screen 1

As I mentioned, this is a collaborative game across Xbox consoles.  You can invite friends over or you can open the doors for strangers to come build with you.  Hint, there are two multi-player achievements that require lots of extra helpers and encourages you to visit other Kefling Kingdoms.

Your avatar can go somewhere else, and other avatars will come to you.  Don’t worry about the other avatars.  An update to KK that came after the initial release ensures that foreign avatars can not do any harm while they are they are in your kingdom, such as breaking buildings.

This game plays well for all ages of younger gamers and parents alike.  Younger gamers may need help with understanding the blueprints scheme, but there is very little reading after the initial setups.  My 9-year old taught my 5-year old and they giggle while they build across the house.  And to keep it fresh, NinjaBee (the developer) has released new map scenarios to vary the landscape.

Don’t Wait – it Costs Less

For the week of January 4 thru January 10, 2010 – A Kingdom for Keflings is 50% off at Xbox Live Arcade, at only 400 points.  That is only $5 US !! 

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